Fun on the Floor

by jenni on September 9, 2010

With all the home improvement shows that are on television, more people are taking on home improvement projects. Some people just want to change how their home looks by changing the carpets. There are many places that you can start looking for carpet and online is the fastest way to accomplish this search process. A great website for all your carpet needs is Fun on the Floor.

Fun on the Floor offers an expert panel that will make sure you are making the right choice when it comes to purchasing new carpet. They also offer a trend report allowing you to see what is popular at the moment. One of the most helpful parts of the website is the feature that allows you to see where you can buy their carpet anywhere in the country. Fun on the Floor offers a free voucher that will entitle you to wide range of services from recommended retailers to help you choose the right carpet. Some of these services include free planning and installation advice, free estimates for fitting and free measuring and on-site surveys. With a carpet calculator, you can choose the perfect carpet for both your needs and budget. Fun on the Floor has services that will allow you to have a good experience when purchasing new carpet, no matter what the reason for needing carpet.

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Seashell Decorated Diffuser Bottle

by jenni on September 1, 2010


Since summer is coming to an end I wanted to do a craft that would allow us to combine some of the fun things that we might have found at the beach. This is an easy project that can be done with just about anything and can be done on all sorts of bottles. The great thing, I have found, about these bottles is that they can given as gifts for any occasion.

Materials Needed:

  • Empty diffuser bottle
  • Seashells
  • Glass beads
  • Colored/stained sea glass
  • Strong hold glue- I used Gorilla Glue
  • Craft stick- used to apply glue
  • Sand-this is optional


  1. Clean bottle if it contains any labels and glue. Lay out some newspaper to protect your workspace and lay the bottle down flat on the newspaper.
  2. Glue on the sea glass, seashells and beats. If you have chosen to use sand you can leave spaces between the sea glass pieces to sprinkle to sand onto the glue.
  3. All that is left is to let the glue dry completely before moving or gifting your new diffuser bottle.

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Cocktail Umbrella Lamp Shade

by jenni on August 25, 2010


So I was looking for something unique to add to our home decor and found this amazing lamp shade. I have never seen anything like this but loved it immediately. It is also a great way to recycle those cocktail umbrellas after you have a party or get together. This lamp shade is a piece that will make your home decor stand out and have people talking about it.

Materials Needed:

  • Cocktail Umbrellas in all designs and colors
  • Hard, hollow plastic ball-any shape and size as long as it can fit a bulb inside
  • Light bulb


  1. Start by taking the plastic ball and cut a 5cm radius. This will be where you place the light bulb when you are finished.
  2. Next you will take the cocktail umbrellas and one by one poke them into the sides of the ball. If you have problems poking the toothpicks through the ball you can use something sharp like a safety pin to make the holes. Continue to poke them through the ball until the ball is filled.
  3. This can then be placed over the bulb and used to decorate any room.

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Make Your Own Erupting Volcano

August 18, 2010

Since school has begun, I thought this week I would celebrate it by doing an educational craft. I love science so making a simple erupting volcano was perfect. It is the perfect craft to teach kids with because it has a little bit of everything from geography to chemistry. Plus it is something fun to [...]

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Colorful Back to School Notebooks

August 11, 2010

Now that it is August, parents all over the country are having to think about kids going back to school. This of course means thinking about buying school supplies that your kids will like and want to take to school. This is an easy way to make sure your kids will like their school supplies [...]

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