Photo Binder for School

by jenni on August 4, 2010


It getting close to back to school time, which means it is time to think about school supplies again. For high school kids this can sometimes be difficult to find stuff they like. This is the perfect solution for kids of all ages, plus it is easy enough for them to do themselves.

Materials Needed:

  • 3 ring binder with clear inserts
  • 2 sheets purple construction paper
  • 1 sheet pink construction paper
  • 1 sheet white construction paper
  • Clear tape
  • Photos or printouts of online photos
  • Scrapbook phrase stickers
  • Black fine tip marker
  • Scissors
  • Stickers
  • Old magazines
  • Glue stick


  1. Remove any labels and advertisement inserts from binder.
  2. Insert a piece of construction paper and figure out how much more you will need in addition to the one piece, to fill the width. Cut enough off of the second piece of construction paper and tape it to the first, making one large sheet.
  3. Insert again, this time making note of the height. Trim excess so that construction paper fits nicely inside the insert. Remove from clear insert.
  4. Repeat this process for the binding insert as well, using second sheet of construction paper, trimming where needed. Remove from clear insert.
  5. Cut letters from an old magazine to spell out child’s name.
  6. Glue letters to a piece of pink construction paper, spelling out child’s name.
  7. Trim pink construction paper into a rectangle.
  8. Glue pink rectangle to a white sheet of paper and trim around that, leaving a white border around the pink paper.
  9. Glue the name tag you just created to the top of the purple construction paper, angled and offset in the corner.
  10. Cut out photographs or print outs of photographs and trim as desired.
  11. Position photos on the purple construction paper until you have the desired design.
  12. Glue photos in place using glue stick.
  13. Use scrapbook phrase stickers and a fine point marker to identify and accent photos.
  14. Add accent stickers such as hearts, flowers and stars to fill in empty areas.
  15. Decorate purple construction paper strip for binding with stickers and phrase stickers.
  16. Insert both pieces into their proper slots.

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