Make Your Own Piggy Bank

by jenni on July 14, 2010


Piggy banks are something that everyone should have, young or old. What could be better than taking an afternoon and making a bank that your child can save for something special. This is something that I have done for myself to save for a trip West next year, so it can be used for older “children.”

Materials Needed:

  • One plastic bleach bottle
  • Felt
  • Four tapered fabric softener bottle caps
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


  1. Remove the handle and bottle neck from a half gallon bleach bottle by sawing across the bottle just below the upper end of the handle.
  2. Using a knife, cut around the other end of the handle, leaving as small an opening as possible. Close the opening at the top of the bottle by inserting the bottle cap into the hole. Glue a felt flower cutout over the other opening.
  3. Glue floppy felt ears in place. Glue on felt eyes and mouth. For the snout, glue a felt circle over the inverted bottle cap. Glue a narrow felt strip around the outside edge of the circle.
  4. To make snug-fitting legs, glue a strip of felt around four identical 1-1/2″ to 2″ fabric softener bottle caps. Cut holes to accommodate legs in the bleach bottle. Insert the tapered ends of the felt-covered softener caps into the bleach bottle. Secure with glue.
  5. To make a tail, curl a pipe cleaner around a pencil. Punch a hole in the bleach bottle to accommodate a tail. Insert the pipe cleaner coil and glue to secure.

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Laugh and Learn Puppy
July 21, 2010 at 11:30 pm

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mari July 19, 2010 at 11:14 pm

i just have to say how excited I was to see this. I remember making one of these when I was a kid in Brownies. I think it was probably about 1963….too cute.

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