Scrap N Stow Portable Craft Table

by scrapbooksplus on April 1, 2009

Since we are all crafters, (or we wouldn’t be looking at Craft Tutorials) I just wanted to share this great new craft table we have started to carry. Usually I just post fun crafts that I have done or come across but I love to scrapbook and this table makes it so easy. How many times do you want to start a scrapbook project or any project for that matter and know you won’t finish so you don’t start because you will have stuff all over the kitchen table until you get your project done? Well this is the greatest table, it has compartments in it and a thing that closes over the top of the compartments so when you put your supplies into the compartments and close the lid, it fits down into the compartment and holds everything into place, then just fold up the table and put it aside, when you come back to work on your project again, everything is exactly where you left it. This is just such a cool table I had to share.

Really Cool craft table

Really Cool craft table


Thanks for letting me share – Mothers day is coming :)


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