People love tips on everything that will make life that much easier. The same goes for when they are doing crafts. They look for tips to either make them easier to do or to save money wherever they can. These are some of my favorite tips that I have either heard from friends or used when I do craft projects.

·        When you are using fabric and ribbon and want to remember what color you were using, tape or staple a piece to an index card or piece of construction paper. This will make it easier when you need to go and buy more.

·        Keep a hot glue gun handy, as it can be used in many crafts even when one isn’t called for.

·        Using a blow dryer on hot can disintegrate strings of hot glue right away.

·        If you have expensive glue, you can use a toothpick to control how much glue you are putting down.

·        If you are putting glue on cardboard, if you lightly wet the cardboard’s underside then it will dry flat.

·        When using small beads, you can use a damp q-tip to pick them up.

·        To keep work surfaces clean use plastic party table covers. By using these instead of newspaper you will be able to reuse the table cover for many more crafts.

·        If you are doing decoupage you can use lacquered chopsticks to smooth air bubbles out after gluing.

·        Use a mild soap to clean your rubber stamps making sure that you don’t get any wooden parts wet.


But it is most important to have fun with any of the crafts that you do and remember that it is okay to make mistakes.